On the 1st my youngest daughter turned 4!  If you read this blog regularly, you will know that my family has been hit by a bout of flu that put my husband and daughters in bed for a week.  We had planned Georgia’s birthday party for the 1st of December.  Her nonni were meant to arrive a couple of days before and all our friends would be in town.  Well… we obviously had to postpone the party to the following weekend, which meant that not everyone was able to make it.  She was a bit upset on her birthday, but when the time for her party came, she forgot all about having been sick and had a great time.  Don’t you just love little kids??

I have been quite busy organising her party and I was so happy to have my parents here to land a hand!  We had a little family celebration on the 1st itself… nothing fancy, but we all had fun and Georgia got to open some of her presents and blow the candles on her birthday cake (a simple Yogurt Cake)!


Yesterday we had a little party with nonni and some of our closest friends.  Georgia had a great time at the party and got many more wonderful presents (thanks everyone!).  She played non stop with her best friends and it was great to see her having fun AND enjoying the food!


I cannot believe that my little angel is 4 already!  She will always be the “baby” in this house, as she is the youngest one, but she is growing up so fast in front of my eyes!  We love you immensly little princess and we are all very proud of you!! <3


I obviously prepared all the food at home!  We had a “theme party” this year.  As you might have guessed, Georgia is a big fan of “Miffy” (Nijntje), the little bunny… so that was our theme… She has a Miffy doll that is like her “blanket” and she never sleeps without it… it’s been with her (and us) everywhere, even on holidays!



Some of the food was somewhat “Miffy” (or bunny) related, like these Mini Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Mini Carrot Cupcakes

These Miffy Cookies

Miffy Chocolate Cookies

These Marshmellow Miffy’s/Bunnies

Miffy Marshmellow Pops

And obviously… a Miffy Cake!

Miffy Cake

We also had some non-Miffy related food, which was more “adult-friendly”.



Pizza Sticks

Pizza Sticks

Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano Gougeres

Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano Gougeres

Sun dried Tomatoes and Cream Cheese Palmiers

Sundried Tomato Palmiers

I am going to post all the new recipes in the next few days… but here is a preview of the “menu” (hoover over each image with the mouse for the name of the dish and, where already available, a link to the recipe):

[nggallery id=29]

We also had chips, popcorn, strawberries, a cheese platter and various juices/drinks.


Now it is back to “normal life” and a little rest!  Stay tuned for all the remaining recipes!


Have you ever organised/attended a themed party?  What was it about?

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