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Playful Kitten Cake

Playful Kitten Cake

A tutorial on how to make a Playful Kitten Cake for your kid's birthday party!

Course Cake
Cuisine International
Prep Time 3 hours
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 4 hours
Servings 1 x 18cm-7 inches cake
Author Manuela Zangara


  • 1 ½ Yogurt Cakes baked in 1x18 cm – 7 inches deep round pan, and 2x6 cm – 2.5 inches half sphere pans, though 1 Cake might have been enough.
  • Coloured Fondant white, pink, black
  • Edible glue
  • Icing for crumb coating
  • Icing Sugar/corn starch


  1. Start by baking the cakes.  I made them in advance and froze them.
  2. I started by making the yarn of wool first. I leveled and sandwiched the two half spherical cakes to make a ball. I iced it with some vanilla icing and kept it in the fridge to harden slightly.
  3. Then I rolled out some pink fondant and I covered the ball with it.  Do not worry about making it precise as it will get covered by the strings of “wool”.
  4. Then load a sugarcraft gun with fondant and use the medium round disc. Push out long strings of fondant and lay them close together. With a knife cut the end of the strings to form a triangle at one end, like shown in the pictures.  Brush edible glue on one end of the cake ball and place the triangle of wool on it. Repeat on the other end of the cake ball.
  5. Make more strings of fondant with the sugarcraft gun. Brush the ball with glue and place the strings across the ball. Do this again, now placing the strings in the opposite direction until the ball is completely covered with strings. Set aside to slightly harden. Remember to save some of the excess fondant for later to make extra strings.
  6. To make the kitten, roll some fondant into a tear trop shape for the body.  Roll a ball for the head and 4 little sausages for the legs.  Also roll a thinner sausage to make the tail.  Then stick them all together with some edible glue. Make 2 little triangles for the ears.  Roll 3 little balls of white fondant per leg to make the paws and stick them with glue.  To make the eyes, roll a little white ball, then add a smaller black ball on the top.  For the mouth, use some white fondant rolled into a ball, flatten it and use an exacto knife to make thin cuts/whiskers.  I also used a little pink fondant to make the inside of the ears and the nose.  When it is all assembled, keep it to dry.
  7. Now stick the kitten on top of the yarn of wool with some edible glue and keep it aside.
  8. The day before the party I assembled the cake.  I made some icing for the crumb coating (you can use your favourite icing recipe, just make sure that it is a little less dense as it needs to be smooth and you should be able to apply it easily).  I took the round yogurt cake out of the freezer and leveled it while still frozen with a sharp serrated knife.
  9. I took a cake board, put some icing in the centre and put the cake on it (smooth side up). Then I crumb coated it with icing. Start from the top, then do the sides. Use a cake spatula to make sure the surface of the cake is as smooth as possible. Then put it in the fridge to harden. (You can also crumb coat it first and then transfer it to the cake board). This coating will make the fondant top look smooth and it will ensure that no crumbs will be visible through it.
  10. When the icing has dried, roll out the white fondant and cover the cake (and cake board) with it.  Smooth it with a fondant smoother and cut out the excess.  Let it harden for a couple of hours.
  11. Now stick the ball of yarn on top of the cake with some edible glue. I then applied some fondant paw decorations (made by rolling some fondant and cutting some circles from it) on the cake securing them with some edible glue.
  12. I finished the cake off with an extra string of wool that entangles the playful kitten and drops down one side of the cake.