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Ravioli di Magro

Ravioli di Magro #SundaySupper

Ravioli di Magro, filled with spinach and ricotta - one of the most classic Italian recipes.

Course Main
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Servings 4
Author Manuela Zangara



  • 2 bunches 500 gms – 1 lb spinach (raw to be cleaned)
  • 200 gms – 3/4 cups ricotta
  • 80 gms – ¾ cup Parmigiano Reggiano finely grated
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 pinch nutmeg
  • 1 large egg


  • 300 gms – 10.5 oz flour
  • 3 eggs


  • 80 gms – 5 ½ tbsp butter
  • 6 sage leaves
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Parmigiano Reggiano finely grated



  1. Clean and wash the spinach.  Cook them for 2 minutes in boiling salty water.  Drain them and run some cold water on them to cool it down quickly (this will help them retain a nice green colour). Keep them in the colander for 1 hour to lose the excess water.
  2. Then squeeze them with your hands to get rid of as much liquid as possible.  Now cut them finely with a knife.
  3. Put the ricotta in a bowl, add the minced spinach, egg, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, nutmeg, salt and pepper and mix until well combined.
  4. Refrigerate until ready to use.


  1. Make the ravioli following my tutorial on How to make Ravioli and keep them aside.


  1. Put the butter and sage in a small saucepan. Let the butter melt on a medium fire and gently fry off the sage in it. Remove from the fire as soon as it starts to bubble (you don’t want to brown it). Add a pinch of salt.


  1. Cook the ravioli following the steps on “How to cook pasta al dente”. Only in this case you will not have a pre set cooking time. This will vary on the thickness of your pasta (it should take approximately a couple of minutes to cook if you have just made the pasta. If a number of hours have passed since you made the pasta then it would be slightly dry and could take between 10 to 12 minutes to cook). So, the best solution is to taste it! Remember, to check the joint, where your pasta is thicker. It does have to remain firm to be al dente.
  2. When the pasta is cooked, drain it and put it in the pan with the butter and sage sauce. Mix well on low fire for a minute.
  3. Serve hot with some thinly grated Parmigiano Reggiano on the top.