150 years of the Unification of Italy

Flag of Italy (Pantone, 2006)

On March 17th 2011, Italy celebrates 150 years of its unification, which led to the creation of the Italian nation. It actually took Italy a few more years to have the borders it has now (after WWII), but 1861 was the crucial year of a very long process that unified territories previously ruled by many different (and often foreign) dynasties. All this did not come easy… there were wars, revolutions and bloodshed. This period of Italian history is known as Risorgimento, which literally means “resurrection” and it was a period of mass awakening, when people from all parts of the peninsula joined together to “get rid of the invaders” and claim independence. Nowadays, Italy is going through a politically rough time and some ministers of our government were against celebrating this event, because they actually support the idea that the northern part of Italy should separate and create a country of its own… I do not want to talk politics here, as this is a food blog, but as an Italian, I would like to celebrate this day and honor the memory of those who died for Italy to be free and united. If you want to know more about the Italian Unification, you can check this article on Wiki.

So…. here comes my idea. I am quite new to blogging, but I have recently come across some blogs which host “events”, mainly weekly or monthly. I would like to launch a “special occasion event”… In this specific case, it is going to be the “150 years of the Unification of Italy”.

NOTE: There is no limit to how many recipes you can submit… the more, the merrier!  All you have to do is click on the “Add you link” blue button at the end of the page and follow the instructions.  It is very easy… and your link will show up here with a nice thumbnail picture of your recipe! :-)


The 17th of March was a special day.  Italy celebrated 150 years of its Unification.  I want to THANK all the wonderful food bloggers who participated to my event with their delicious recipes.  This event gave me the chance to get to know some amazing blogs that I am also going to follow in the future (you’ve all been bookmarked!).  Thanks for this great collection of Italian recipes, I hope all my readers can enjoy the recipes and try them!

Even though the linking is officially over, there is another recipe that I want to link in here.  It’s the recipe for Sweet potato and sage gnocchi by the wonderful Jill from Mad About Macarons.  Thank you so much Jill! :-)

And… Viva l’Italia! :-)


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  1. says

    I already have past posts where I wrote about Italian recipes… are those okay to link up here even though they are older posts?

  2. says

    Thank you Manu for inviting me to your fabulous link exchange! I will definitely participate and link back here in the next few days.

    Eleonora @ Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

  3. says

    Manu, my post is up. Thank you so much for inviting me to this culinary celebration. It’s a delicious way to honor Italian culture!


  4. says

    What a lovely thing to do Manu. I’m sorry I’ve only just spotted this post. I remember studying the unification of Italy at school – it was one of my favourite subjects.


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