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Manu’s Menu has gone mobile! I have created a Mobile App for my site… so if you are visiting Manu’s Menu from your Smartphones, iPad or Android Tablets you will be able to better navigate my site by using the app.

MsM’s Mobile App is completely free, you only have to download it onto your mobile device.

Just type this link into your mobile device’s browser: or scan the QR Code. Then click on “Get it now” to download the app onto your mobile device.

After downloading it, you will see this Icon on your screen:

Click on it and you are in!

Now, what’s in the app? For now you will find 8 tabs: Welcome, Recipes (where you will be able to browse through MsM’s 50 latest recipes – for older recipes, you will need to browse my regular site), About Me, Photos (these are from my Flickr Gallery), Email Me, Facebook (where you can read MsM’s Facebook Page), Twitter (to read all of MsM tweets) and YouTube (where you can access all of MsM’s videos). For now you won’t be able to leave a comment through the App and to do so you will have to click on “View Original Post” and you will be redirected to the original site which will allow you to comment.

Also, if you load Manu’s Menu regular site from a mobile device, you will be given the choice to either see the mobile site or the regular site. :-)

I am still working on it, so bare with me as I try to improve the look of the App! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

The App was designed to be compatible with IOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and BADA. Please, do let me know if you experience any trouble with any of these devices!

Enjoy browsing my recipes on the go! <3


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  1. Berrie Knight says

    just downloaded it…I am happy now if I dont have my netbook on I can now access your recipes via my phone..thanks Manu

  2. robyn lyndon says

    I can not download your app to my Google android had no problem on my apple iPhone so not sure of the problem – needs to be in Google play but I tried so many names but nothing came up in Google play. Would love to have it on my android as this is my recipe book.
    Looking so forward to using the new app.


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