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I just LOVE travelling to different places on holiday! I have been very lucky in my life as
I have been able to travel quite a lot. Living in Milan, which is practically in the middle of Europe, gives you many travel opportunities. Even in the time when air travel was still expensive, you could get to almost any other European country in a few hours by driving. If there is one thing l miss about living in Europe, it is the possibility of experiencing so many different cultures within such a short distance. During my childhood l travelled extensively throughout Europe with my parents. We used to drive anywhere! So, I guess I have always had the “travel bug” in me!

In more recent years, I have also travelled to non European countries and I have discovered many more amazing places and cultures.

One of the things l love the most about travelling is being able to experience other customs and cultures… and what’s more revealing than food?? Whenever I am abroad, I always try to eat like the locals. I love discovering new ingredients, dishes and flavours. I often visit local grocery stores and markets to see what people buy and eat.
The markets are my big “love”. No matter where you are, they are always a great experience. From the small and colourful markets of Central American villages to the busy Indian bazaars, to the tidy and clean Scandinavian ones… anywhere you are, you can find new ingredients, new spices, new flavours and new smells.

I often take pictures of local food during my holidays… sometimes at restaurants, sometimes on the streets, sometimes in very characteristic places where I eat a meal. I take photos of new or exotic dishes, but I also have pictures of food that may be familiar and was just too yummy or too well presented to be forgotten! I thought of putting all these pictures together in this page and sharing them with you, along with some travel stories. I will keep updating the page regularly. I hope you enjoy this virtual tour around the world and its many flavours.


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  1. Berrie Knight says

    I loved reading and looking at your colourful and lovely pictures…I have never been out of my country but now I feel the world or some interesting aspects of it have come to me through your eyes..you could do a food travel book you know

    • says

      Thank you so much Berrie! I just love travelling… and food as you might have guessed hehehe So I reckon the food travel book may be a very good idea! 😉

  2. nonno tore says

    Cara Manuela,mi trovo dalla zia Daniela dove pranzerò con risotto alla milanese,bollito di carne con contorno di verdure, frutta varia e cannoli.Ho visto la tua produzione:è molto bella e interessante.Continua su questa strada che presto percorrerò.Tanti saluti a te e a tutta la compagnia.Nonno

  3. says

    Oh, questo è meraviglioso…love your photos and adventures. I came in USA 13 years ago but never been so exiting as you did. My aunt was in Milan but moved to Lecco few years ago and I wish to go and visit her. Really nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog!
    Ciao bella

  4. carol meeks says

    Thank you so much for you very detailed trip to Moorea and surrounding area. I am a single parent and am planning a trip to that area next. It will be myself with my 11 year daughter. Do you have any other suggestions for hotels in Bora Bora. My child has special needs, so we do want a very child friendly resort with patient staff.
    Thanks agai for your insightful review

    • says

      Hi Carol! Sorry for the delay! I am sure you and your daughter will enjoy Polynesia, it is so beautiful. I haven’t been to any other resort other than the Hilton in Bora Bora, but the people in the area are amazing. They are very kind, welcoming and supportive and they are always trying to make sure you are having a good time. :-)

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