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My husband and I visited Singapore on a 3 day stop-over during our move from Milan to Sydney back in 2006. It was a very exciting time of our lives and I guess that contributed to our very good impression of the city.


We really loved it… the Botanical gardens have amazing orchids and the shopping is just great!

Little India

I particularly enjoyed the areas of Chinatown and Little India and their colourful streets and bazaar-like markets, where you could actually feel you were in Asia. In the rest of the city, everything was so tidy and clean that, hadn’t it been for the hot and humid weather, it seemed like we were in Switzerland!

Little India - Flower Shop


In Singapore we had some very tasty food. I still remember a huge curry puff that we bought from a pastry shop near our hotel… it was the best that I have ever eaten. We also ate the Murtabak (Wiki), a pan fried pancake stuffed with meat.

The most memorable meal though was the one we had at the Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant in our hotel. We had shredded chicken with sesame sauce, crab and corn soup, chicken with cashew nuts (this was the spiciest I have EVER eaten) and a steaming mango pudding! The main attraction of the restaurant however, was the kung fu tea! It was tea, served in a very… special way!

Cashew nut chicken

Steaming Mango Pudding


Mango Pudding


Kung fu Tea


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