Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake Pops

Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake Pops

After making Hello Kitty cake pops for my elder daughter’s birthday in July, I knew I had to do something similar for the youngest one when she turned 2!  As she loves Dorothy the Dinosaur, we chose it as a theme for her party.  So, Dorothy the Dinosaur cake pops were the obvious choice!   And they were not too hard to make either.

I had not seen any on the web, so I “designed” them completely by myself.  The hardest part was to figure out a way to make Dorothy’s teeth… but in the end, I decided to use fondant to decorate the cake pops, and I think it was a very good idea as it allowed me to make more precise and realistic shapes for the teeth, the hat and the rose.

Ingredients: (makes 25)
25 cake pops shaped like eggs (with one end slightly thinner than the other)
Dark Green Candy Melts
White fondant
Red fondant
Black Edible Ink Pen

NOTE: I have used Wilton’s green candy melts for this.  In the past, I have also used Witon’s pink candy melts and both times, I had a hard time working with them.  The candy melts are way too thick!  I have also used CK’s white candy melts before and liked it so much more!  I’ll have to keep experimenting!

Make the cake pop mix and shape into ovals (with one end slightly thinner than the other) to make Dorothy’s face.

Put the cake pops on baking paper.  Keep them in the freezer for 15 minutes and start preparing the candy coating.

Melt it following the instructions on the package (I microwave them as I find it easier).  Also make sure you use a deep enough plastic container to melt the candy so you can dip the candy pops in it.

When ready, take all the ovals out of the freezer and put them in the fridge.  Keep only 5 on the benchtop and start working with these.  Take a pop stick and dip it in the candy melt (2 cm).  Insert it in the cake pops no more than halfway through and keep it aside.  Do that for all 5 pops.  Then take the first cake pop and dip it into the candy melt.  Make sure it is fully submerged and that the candy coats the stick.  Then pull it out in one movement and remove the excess coating by tapping the left hand on your right wrist and turning the pop at the same time so that the coating gets evenly distributed.

Then put it vertically on a piece of Styrofoam to dry.

When dry, you can decorate Dorothy’s face.

To make the hat, roll out some white fondant into a very thin sheet and cut out a circle.  Attach it on Dorothy’s head (on the thinner side) using a little candy melt.  Shape it with your hands and let it dry on the Styrofoam.

Cut out Dorothy’s teeth using a pasta cutter and attach them using a little candy melt.

Do the same thing for the eyes and then draw the pupils using a Black Edible Ink Pen.

Now take a small piece of red fondant and roll it into a thin strip.  Fold it on itself and then roll it to create a “ribbon rose”.

Attach it on Dorothy’s hat using a little bit of water.

Repeat for all the remaining cake pops.  Let them dry well on a piece of Styrofoam before serving.

Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake Pops

Dorothy the Dinosaur Cake Pops


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  1. Lisa says

    I have tried Wilton’s too and ran into the same problem, too thick, and chocolate didn’t stick to the cake pops.

  2. wenny says

    Awwwwww very cute.
    I know the posts mentioning this are old but there a few things you can u do to thin candy melts eg a little cooking oil or paramont crystals.

  3. Esta says

    Hi, i love the Dorothy pop cakes. I am going to try and give it a go for my daughters 2nd bday party! I was just wondering if you can make them the night before, or are they best made the day of the party?
    Look forward to your reply

    • says

      Hi! I am so glad you like them! My little one adores Dorothy! You can definitely make them the day before. I usually do that and then keep them either in an airtight container or standing in a vase filled with sugar and loosely covered with a ziploc bag. I never had a problem doing this. I hope you have fun making them! :-) And happy birthday to your little one! <3

  4. sara says

    I came across this as I’m planning a dinosaur themed 1 yr old’s b-day party. One thing I wanted to mention is you can thin down the chocolate using shortening. Just melt in little bits at a time until to get it to the right consistency for covering the cake. Very cute idea.

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