Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

In the past few months, I have seen quite a few posts mentioning a “Secret recipe club”.  If you know me, you will also know that I am very curious by nature so I had to find out more and in the process I actually ended up joining the club!  What is it about?  For those of you who still do not know, the Secret recipe club is a fantastic idea.  Here is how Amanda from Amanda’s Cookin, the mind behind it, describes the club: “Each month you are “assigned” a participating food blogger to make a recipe from. It’s a secret, so don’t tell them you are making something from their blog!  You simply choose any recipe from the blog you are assigned, make or bake it, and blog about it on the date specified”.  And in turn… someone else will be assigned your blog.  Isn’t that a fun idea?  If you are interested in learning more, or want to join the club, please visit the Secret recipe club website.  The blog I got assigned this month is Monica’s The Yummy Life.  It is full of amazing recipes, so please make sure you check it out and browse through all her delicious recipes and mouth-watering pictures!  As I said in the previous post, I am on a “cocktail” mission to celebrate the arrival of spring, so I could not help myself when I saw this fantastic recipe for Make-ahead frozen Margaritas… oh how many memories of our Central American roadtrip they bring back with each sip!  And isn’t it a clever idea?  Now you can make all the Margaritas for your dinner party before your guests arrive and just pop them out of the freezer and serve them.  No more slaving in the kitchen all evening!!  So… make some ahead and enjoy them, dreaming of a Mexican holiday!




Recipe adapted from Monica at The Yummy Life (in red are my changes)

Ingredients: (makes 6 or 7 servings)
355 ml (12 oz.) frozen limeade concentrate
1 cup (8 oz.) Tequilla
1/4 cup (2 oz.) Triple Sec (orange flavored liqueur, I used Grand Marnier)
Juice of 2 limes (plus a lime for garnish)
4 or 5 cups ice
Kosher salt or Margarita salt (I used coarse salt blended in a mixer for a few seconds)

NOTES: Monica uses a can of frozen Minute Maid limeade concentrate.  I tried to find some around where I live, but had no luck.  The only limeade concentrate I found is not frozen and it is called Soda Stream and it is green in colour (this is why my Margaritas turned out more on the “green side”).  I am not sure how strong the Minute Maid brand is compared to Soda Stream, so please be advised that the above recipe might have to be adjusted to your tastebuds.  My Margaritas came out a bit tart, but were also quite sweet so I would not add any extra sugar to them.  Next time (because there WILL BE a next time!) I will try and slightly reduce the amount of Soda Stream (at least by 55 ml) in them so they turn out a bit less “lime-y”.  My suggestion is, no matter what brand you use, put a little less limeade concentrate in the blender, taste it and then adjust to your liking.

Put the limeade concentrate, tequila, triple sec/orange liqueur, lime juice in a blender and blend briefly until mixed.

Fill the blender with ice and blend until no ice chunks remain.

Cut the remaining lime in half and rub it around the rim of the glasses.  Dip the glass rims in salt.

Garnish with a slice of lime and serve.

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas



 Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

Pour the blended Margaritas into 1/2 pint (1 cup) mason jars, screw on the lids and freeze.

To serve, remove from the freezer and immediately dip the rims in salt so the Margaritas won’t come out of the inverted jars.

Use a fork to break up and stir the semi-frozen Margaritas into a slushy consistency, and they will be ready to drink in no time (or they can be eaten with a spoon straight away, like a granita!).

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

They can be stored in the freezer for a couple of weeks, but I dare you resist so long!

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

Make-ahead frozen Margaritas

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  1. says

    Oh, man, I have a weak spot when it comes to margaritas!!! I love the icy glasses in the last photos…perfect for a hot evening! Manu, I’m so happy to learn you’re in group C with me…fingers crossed I am assigned your blog one of these months :)

  2. says

    Hi Manuela! What a fun surprise to see that you were matched with my blog in The Secret Recipe Club. I loved reading your version of my margarita recipe. Your mouth-watering photos are fabulous! When I started reading that you were making margaritas for the arrival of Spring, I knew we must live far apart. I live in the U.S. in St. Louis, Missouri, and we are preparing for the arrival of Fall. It’s even more fun to have an Australian (and Italian) trying one of my recipes. That’s the beauty of the internet–it connects bloggers and readers from all over the world. Thanks for doing such a beautiful job. It’s a great post.

    And, by the way, our family spent 2 weeks in Australia a few years ago. We’ve traveled a lot, but that was hands-down my favorite trip. Wonderful sites, wonderful people. We loved it there!

  3. says

    The margaritas and the photos take me away. I’m going to have to try the make ahead version, so smart and perfect for the really hot days! SRC is so fun!

  4. Sarah says

    Manu, this is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this, I have to check it out, and maybe join myself. Great recipe too!

  5. says

    I love all the pictures and the Mexican theme – and the colour of the drink!
    And thanks for putting my attention to Sodastream concentrate – I often come across recipes using limeade, but we don’t have that in Denmark, and I never thought of Sodastream products as a replacement. But now I guess I can start saving some of the recipes using limeade!!

  6. says

    LOVE the mason jar margaritas! Fantastic idea. These would be great for tailgating parties.

  7. says

    Wow, it sure is green! But I do love the tangy-ness of a Margarita! Very refreshing summer drink. That little doily you pictured with the drinks looks very similar to a Hungarian weave!

    • says

      Hehehe the dolls are actually from Guatemala… but the colours are actually similar to the ones you would find in Hungary… absolutely right! :-)

  8. says

    Can you pass me one of those? They look perfectly cold and delicious, I’ll need that here today, going to be a warm one.

  9. says

    That is indeed a fun idea and thanks for letting me know. Love the presentation and the gorgeous color. Such beautiful picture of the blue ocean! Btw that short hair look.. is that new or old ? Either ways it’s looking cool my friend :)

    • says

      Hehehe thanks Kankana! 😉
      The short hair look comes and goes… especially in summer! But those pictures are from 2004! A lifetime ago… hehehe 😉

  10. says

    I used to think there was nothing better than a margarita, but I think there is… make ahead margaritas sound amazing!! Honestly what could be better? Thanks for sharing. BTW – your pics (both of the drink and the scenery from your trip) are beautiful.

  11. says

    Great pics! This was a stand-by recipe of mine for years (using lime-aid). Always tasty and easy to make. I tend to drink them on the rocks now using fresh squeezed limes and agave nectar, but this is still a great fall back for parties and get-togethers. I’d also suggest a 100% agave tequila instead of a mixto like the one used here – better tasting and much less chance of a hangover.

  12. says

    I don’t drink but looking at your photos, count me soon as I pack my bags I’ll be over for some Spring time party:))
    Looks really beautiful Manu, love your photo paring..just wonderful post!!

  13. says

    I love those mason jar margaritas! They look fabulously delicious :) And dangerous…in the good way! Secret recipe club is so cool, I’ve got a few ways to go before I reach my 100 recipes but as soon as I do I’ll join in on the action as well :)

    And I think you’re right, my friend Prathna thinks that fudge thing was halwa too

  14. says

    Manu, I need one of this margaritas…and it is only Tuesday :-)
    I love the granita version, great to always have in the freezer. Great pictures! Hope you are having a fantastic week :-)

  15. Meg says

    LOVE your idea for the frozen canning jars! This limeade version is a standby of mine too… Try adding one can of grapefruit juice, one can lemonade, and half the water needed for all. Up the tequila content… And serve on the rocks. Mexican’ll sneak up on you!!


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