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    I cook Pasta at least once a week .. and initially it used to become soggy .. but now it is doing fine .. and recently I learn about adding salt while boiling them. This post has some great information

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      Thanks Kankana, I hope this post can help you and others as well… as I said, I believe that knowing how to cook pasta the correct way is very important to enjoy Italian food… 😉

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    THIS IS AWESOME! I love very picture/instruction heavy posts! I’m a very visual spatial person, so this is great! I’ve never made gnocchi before, but there a polish version I’ve made before. Kopitka. I think it has a slightly higher potato content, but sooo good.

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    Helloooooo Manu, Great recipe & instruction ..I love pasta, but rarely have it but when we do . . love it al dente HATE it soft, it tastes like a different food a food we dislike immensely :) Love the dough recipe, never have pizza either as Hubbys hates Pizza even more than he thought he hated pasta!!! (until I made him my carbonara & the spaghetti was perfect, al dente & served immediately) I used to go to an Italian Restaurant, they used to serve the THE most divine pizza. I’ve never yet been able to convince hubby, pizza can be delicious .. . maybe now .. :) Thank you for the recipe next time he fancies something tasty but doesn’t quite know what .. . I do!!

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    My goodness. What a great post and so helpful, complete with videos, too. Thank you for sharing. It never fails to surprise me the number of people who actually buy ready made pasta already sitting in too much sauce from well known supermarket chains. They should all have to read your techniques!

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    Love this post! I always throw my spaghetti against the wall to check if it’s done :) The first time I did that in front of my boyfriend he thought I was crazy! Thanks for all the tips!

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    Love the Busiati recipe & method, thank you so much, who needs to go to the little village in Italy during the Summer holidays!!! The very nice patient old lady taught you & your hubby well. Thank you for teaching us :)

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    Manu – I love the idea of making homemade butter. It’s very common in India for women to make homemade dairy products, but somehow I never learned how to do it! I don’t have a standup mixer, do you think a handheld electric mixer would work?

    Thanks again for the informative post!

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    I have buttermilk left over from a recipe I did last week. I hate to throw it away, especially since I dont think I will have time to bake this weekend. I might have time to make homemade butter though!!

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    WOW WOW WOW! I really LOVE this idea!!!! I have never made my own butter either, but since we food blog, we obviously use a lot of it. Thanks for the recipe. I will be trying this out soon once I get some leftover buttermilk.


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