A couple of days ago, my dear friend Nat asked me to publish this very recipe.  I had actually thought of posting the recipe of another sweet for Valentine’s Day, but this request gave me an idea.  Why not publish both recipes?  In the southern hemisphere it is still very hot, so ice cream is the perfect dessert for this half of the world.  Then if you are like me and cannot resist ice cream… well then you MUST try this one out, no matter where you live.  You won’t believe how easy it is and the result is to die for!  I came up with this recipe last year when I finally got around to buying the ice cream maker attachment for my Kenwood Chef, but the best thing about this ice cream is that you can make it even without the ice cream maker and it comes out just as yummy and creamy (and yes, I have tried both methods)!  So here you have the first of my dessert suggestions for Valentine’s Day.


125 gms sugar
50 ml milk
150 ml single cream (for whipping)
150 ml double cream*
1 egg
75 ml Baileys

*you can also substitute this with an extra 150 ml of single cream (for whipping)

Beat the egg and the sugar with an electric mixer until pale white.

Then add milk, cream and Baileys.

Whisk with the electric mixer until all the ingredients are well combined.

If you have an ice cream machine, put the mixture in it and let the machine stir it for 30 minutes.

Then put it in a container (also an old ice cream tub works fine), cover it well and keep it in the freezer overnight.

If you do not have an ice cream maker, after whisking all the ingredients, you can pour the mixture in a container, put some cling wrap on the top (it has to actually be in contact with the ice cream) to seal it completely and then cover it with the lid.  This should prevent crystallization.

Then place it in the freezer overnight.

It will be ready to be eaten the following day… if you can resist!!!  You can serve it with Lingue di gatto biscuits.

If you liked this recipe, you can vote for it (and other Irish recipes) here!


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  1. says

    Hmmm, I have 2 issues preventing me from making the icecream… 1, will I be able to resist and keep from drinking the 50ml of Baileys before pouring it in the mix? :) and 2, will I be able to keep myself from opening the freezer door to see if it is ready to be eaten?! LOL. Thanks for posting it, Manu!!!! I so want a scoop!!! Well, maybe a couple of scoops!

    • says

      Hahaha I know exactly what you mean Nat! It is hard to resist the temptation… but it is worth it!!! 😉 I usually make it late in the afternoon… I find it easier to keep it in the freezer at night while I am asleep… hehehehe

  2. Eva says

    I am now in the process of making my ice cream from your recipe. I really hope it’ll turn up as good as the recipe sounds. The only scary thing is storing it in the freezer overnight:-) Even if I don’t touch it, my husband most likely will:-D Best regards from Berlin, Germany.

  3. donna says

    Hi i am going to try your recipe but was wondering do i us both lots of cream in the mixture? Thank you x

    • says

      Hi Donna! Yes, you need to use both. You can either use half single cream (or heavy cream) and half double cream (which is much thicker), or you can just use 300 ml of single cream. Do let me know how you like it! :-)

  4. Yvonne says

    Nobody has posted AFTER making the ice cream.

    Dying to hear some feedback before I make this. Last time I made ice cream was years ago and I am still waiting for it to set! LOL.

    Anyone care to post their opinions on the result?

  5. Julie Wood says

    Thankyou Manu for publishing this recipe for Baileys ice-cream, I made it for guests at Christmas and everyone said it was the best ice-cream they had ever tasted! I will be making this a lot!


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