Il Siciliano Cocktail

Sicily is very famous for its citrus fruits… be it lemons, mandarins or oranges.  So, one of the drinks for the Sicilian Street Food New Year’s Eve Party that I organised as part of Foodbuzz’s 24×24 program had to have some citrus in it.  I chose orange, because it is sweet and I have a soft spot for sweet drinks!  I had never had this cocktail before, and I loved it.  I am sure I will be making it again!  Careful though, it is quite strong!!

Recipe adapted from Cocktail Mania

Ingredients (makes 1):
½ lime
¼ orange
2 tsp brown sugar
Crushed ice
2/3 Triplesec (I used Grand Marnier)
1/3 Orange Juice

Put the the lime and orange cut in wedges in a Mojito glass (or if your muddler does not fit the Mojito glass like mine, do this in a separate bowl).  Crush the lime and orange together to release their juices.

Add the sugar and muddle again.  Do not strain the mixture.

Fill the glass half way through (or transfer to a Mojito glass and then fill it) with crushed ice.

Add the Triplesec to 2/3 of the glass and fill the glass with orange juice.  Decorate with a slice of orange and serve immediately.

Il Siciliano Cocktail

Il Siciliano Cocktail

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  1. says

    This looks perfect! I could definitely go for one of these citrusy cocktails right now!
    Happy New Year…wishing you a wonderful 2012!!!

  2. says

    Hi Manu, I like this cocktail, graet idea ! Citrus from Sicily are really famous and… delicious ! From aur lemons i have made Limoncello- Yummy !
    Happy New Year!


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