Coca Cola Chicken Wings

It is time again for the “Secret recipe club” reveal! I am sure you all know what the club is about, but for the few of you who still don’t know about it, here goes a brief explanation.  Each month you are assigned a participating food blogger to make a recipe from and in turn someone else will be assigned your blog.  All you have to do is choose a recipe, make it and blog about it on the specified date.  The only rule is to keep it a secret!  If you are interested in learning more, or want to join the club, please visit the Secret recipe club website.
I was very excited when I saw this month’s assignment as I got to remake one of Veronica’s dishes shared on her My Catholic Kitchen!  Veronica is a self taught cook and photographer and I can completely relate to that!  She is very talented and even though I had a few of her recipes bookmarked, I could not take these wings out of my mind.  I know, I know… I have chosen wings for last month’s reveal as well (I am quite sure you remember these Sweet Chilli and Orange Chicken Wings), but as I don’t have many chicken wings recipes in my “portfolio” and they are always handy for entertaining guests… I thought I should really try them out.  I must also say that I was very curious about how cooked Coca Cola would taste like.  I had never ever cooked with coke before!  And I know this recipe will sound really weird to all my Italian friends!  But I was very pleasantly surprised by the result… and yes, they taste just as good as they look!  The coke caramelises and gives out a hint of sweetness that contrasts with the saltiness of the soy sauce.  These wings are also sticky (just the way I like them) and slightly smoky in taste!  Delicious… and once again, I think the pictures speak for themselves!
Thank you Veronica for sharing such a yummy recipe!  Enjoy everyone!

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

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Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Appetiser
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
  • 900 gms – 2 lbs. chicken wings (wings and drummettes separated)
  • 60 ml - ¼ cup soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp dry sherry or rice wine
  • 175 ml – ¾ cup Coca-Cola
  • Chopped chives for garnish
  1. Put the chicken wings in a zip lock bag with half the soy sauce. Move the wings around in the bag until they are well coated.
  2. Let them marinade for 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok over medium heat.
  4. Sauté the chicken wings until they are golden brown on each side (this will take about 8 minutes).
  5. Mix the remaining soy sauce, sherry and coke together and pour the mixture into the wok. Bring the liquid to a simmer.
  6. Simmer the wings for 15 to 20 minutes, until the liquid is reduced to a glaze.
  7. Transfer the chicken to a plate, garnish with the chives and serve.

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Coca Cola Chicken Wings

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  1. Veronica says:

    These look absolutely heavenly! What a gorgeous photo! I really like the idea of using coke and soy sauce together for a glaze-great pick!

  2. Tandy says:

    I used to make cola chicken often but have not done so for a while. The soy sauce looks like a great additional ingredient here :)

  3. I am so glad you like my recipe. I love your site and I have been following you for sometime now.

  4. J @ ... semplicemente ... j says:

    I make a delicious meat with Coca-Cola, I always reveal the ingredients until the end of the meal and everyone is so surprised. Just perfectly sweet and savoury. I will definitely try these! A presto.

  5. These wings are looking so awesome that I am tempted to make it…

  6. Oh my, these look positively fantastic!! Mouthwatering! Great SRC pick!

  7. Now THESE are the wings of my dreams!

  8. They look sticky and delicious!

  9. These look like a sticky delicious heaven :)

  10. Rhonda says:

    “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” I’d like to have a platter full of these wings and keep them company… Sorry I just had a Coca-Cola commercial flashback moment. Looks like I have a new recipe to try!

  11. Finger-lickin’ sticky yumminess!!!

  12. wow. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted chicken wings like I do right now.

  13. Oh yum- those wings look so sticky and delicious. Beautiful photos.

  14. Melissa says:

    These wings look finger-lickin’ good!

  15. Debra says:

    I love Veronica’s site. These look so good and caramelly!

  16. Your dish looks and sounds incredibly tasty. Glad to be part of SRC group C with you!

  17. heather says:

    woa, cocacola chicken wings, delicious… I love this is a quick marinade too!

  18. These look amazing! We always have Coke on hand, so this would be great!

  19. These look AMAZING! I can almost lick the sticky, caramelized goodness off my screen. Thank you so much for sharing and glad to be in Group C with you :).

  20. First off, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You’ve capture the amazing sticky goodness of these wings – they look heavenly.

  21. Desi says:

    MMM that sauce looks so dark and decadent! I love sauce on my wings and this looks to be no exception!

  22. DanielaC. says:

    Here I am! One of your Italian friends to whom this recipe sounds really weird ;) ! Yes, normally I drink coke “with” meat and I don’t put “on” it, but before judging … I always have to try! thanks for sharing! Daniela

  23. wow!! look how dark and gooey looking your wings are! they look very tasty! also – your photography is stunning. as per usual :)

    Happy SRC reveal from a group C member!!

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  25. Shari says:


    Great post! I just made these yesterday and blogged about them. THank you! post is here

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at And who knows, you may just get featured next week.


  27. Aloy says:

    Hi, this looks like a fantastic recipe! It’s my first time on this website and the idea of secret recipe is great :)

    Just a little note to add as I believe that Coca-cola wings actually came from China and should be classified as Chinese cuisine. While this will not affect the quality of the recipe whatsoever, it would be nice to attribute the recipe to the correct culture.

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