Peppa Pig Cake

My little Georgia is in the Peppa Pig phase… she adores it and would watch it all day long on TV if I let her… So choosing a theme for her 3rd birthday party was quite easy!  I immediately decided to make a fondant cake with an image of Peppa Pig on the top.  I tend to like the flat images more than the figurines.  I think the final result is much more realistic and closer to the original than the figurines… plus they are much easier and faster to make!  It is summer and quite warm here in Sydney, so I did not want to take any chances!  In the end, I was very pleased with the final result!  I added some flowers, a pond with a duck, and some other small details, but really… you can add anything you like.  If your kids like Peppa Pig, chances are you know all the characters anyway… hehehe  So, have fun and be creative!  I’ll leave you to MsM’s Peppa Pig Cake!

Peppa Pig Cake

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Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: International
  • 2 Yogurt Cakes (baked in a 16 cm – 6.3 inches round pan) - I made 1½ dose of this recipe
  • Coloured Fondant
  • Icing for crumb coating
  • Icing Sugar/corn starch
  1. Start by baking the cake. I made 2 yogurt cakes and froze them.
  2. Then colour all the fondant you are going to need. Dip a toothpick in the gel colour and then rub it onto the piece of fondant you want to colour. Then knead until uniformly combined.
  3. You can start preparing the fondant for decorations about 3 or 4 days before the party (make sure to keep it wrapped and in a dry place so it doesn’t harden).
  4. To make Peppa Pig, the ducks and the dinosaur I made my own stencils. It is quite easy, all you need is a printed image of what you want to make, some clean cardboard, some transfer paper, a pen and a sharp exacto knife. Put the transfer paper between the image and the cardboard and transfer the image onto the cardboard by tracing the outline with a pen. Cut out all the single pieces. I always use this method when I have to make my own stencils (also for making cookies), so I can virtually make ANYTHING I fancy!
  5. The day before the party I assembled the cake. I made some icing for the crumb coating (you can use your favourite icing recipe, just make sure that it is a little less dense as it needs to be smooth and you should be able to apply it easily). I took the 2 yogurt cakes out of the freezer and levelled them while still frozen with a sharp serrated knife.
  6. I put a layer of icing on the cake and topped it with the other cake. Make sure to choose the smoothest and flattest of the cake surfaces for the cake top (it is very likely going to be the bottom of one of the cakes), this will make it easier to ice and decorate the cake. Now you are ready to crumb coat it. You can do this while the cakes are still frozen and it is much easier this way. Start from the top, then do the sides. Use a cake spatula to make sure the surface of the cake is as smooth as possible. When the cake is all covered in icing, put it in the fridge to harden. This coating will make the fondant top look smooth and it will ensure that no crumbs will be visible through it.
  7. When the icing has dried, transfer the cake onto a cake board. Make sure to attach it to the base with a bit of icing.
  8. Then roll out the light blue fondant and cover ⅓ of the cake with it. Roll out the green fondant and cover the remaining ⅔ of the cake with it. Smooth it with a fondant smoother and cut out the excess.
  9. Using some water, I attached all the decorations that I had ready and made Peppa Pig’s face, dress, legs, hands, feet and tail and all the face details. I used a clean garlic press to make the grass, and cookie cutters for the clouds, sun and flowers. I also made some birds and added a little pond with a duck. The possibilities are endless!

This is the final result:

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig Cake

What’s your experience with fondant? Have you ever used it?

Peppa Pig Cake

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  1. Julie says

    I can’t believe it…..that is the exact cake and accompaniments I wanted to make for my daughter’s 3rd birthday this Saturday….EXACTLY!….I was just googling some final preparation ideas! You did an amazing job with the food and cake. I am very jealous as I know mine won’t be as perfect as yours. Well done and thanks for posting this. Did you have to keep your cake in the fridge til you needed it or can you leave out (and how early did you make the cake?). We are so tight on fridge space from Christmas I am trying to figure out what I can leave out (in containers!). thanks

    • says

      Hi Julie! Don’t you just love Peppa Pig?!!! :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family and Happy Birthday to your little one!
      I usually bake the cake up to a week before and freeze it (double wrapped in aluminium foil), The day before the party, I decorate it. I level it from frozen as it is easier and doesn’t crumble as much… then I crumb coat it and when the icing is firm, I decorate it with fondant. When the cake is fully covered with fondant, I do not put it in the fridge. I keep it in a cabinet… till the next day. If you put it in the fridge, you will get condensation on the cake. You could keep it a couple of days outside the fridge, but I try to minimise the time it stays out. Hope it helps! :-) Let me know how it goes and have fun decorating it! I am sure it will be great! :-)

  2. Kym says

    Hi Manu,
    Your cake looks beautiful. I am just wondering what icing recipe you used under the fondant?i am not a big fan of fondant icing and just wondering how it tastes with the icing underneath. My daughter wants a peppa pig cake and your cake looks great. Thanks

    • says

      Ohhhh so sorry I missed this Kym! I hope I am still in time to answer your question. When I make fondant cakes I now use ready made icing (vanilla flavor) as I find it easier to spread uniformly. For the crumb coating you need to have a smooth surface so that the icing can “seal” your cake and no crumbs can be seen under the fondant. I use so little, that the taste is not so relevant (the quality of the fondant you use is more important as you will use much more of it and it will “cover” the taste of the icing). I hope it helps!

  3. Fiona says

    Hi Manu! Very excited to have stumbled across your page when I was googling Peppa Pig cakes, I’m going to attempt this for my 3yo’s birthday this Friday! He has requested a chocolate cake and I love the sound of your yoghurt cake recipe and was wondering if I can add cocoa to make it chocolate or does it ruin the taste??

    • says

      Hi Fiona! Of course you can add cocoa powder to the basic recipe! I often do! :-) 2 to 3 tbsp should be enough (though I must admit, I taste it… hahaha). Have fun decorating the cake! Don’t you just love Peppa Pig?? Happy birthday to your little boy! :-)

  4. Gemma says

    Wow your cake looks amazing!! Bet your daughter loved it! Just wondering what sort of icing you use to crumb coat it before the fondant icing as I’ve not heard of it before? Also, could you put jam and buttercream in the middle of the 2 cakes for more flavour? Thanks x

    • says

      Hi Gemma! Thanks!! You can use buttercream to crumb coat the cake and you can fill the cake with any cream you like (buttercream, jam, Nutella, ganache…). :-) Hope it helps! Manu

  5. Antonia Stocken says

    Thanks for your help with making a Peppa Pig cake. I made mine in the number 3 (instructions in “Australian Womens’ Weekly Children’s Birthday cake book”) decorated with “Plastic Icing” which was super easy to work with and really forgiving. I used your decoration ideas and the result is excellent. Thanks again!

  6. Marloes says

    Also i love your cake, it’s just amazing and very cute. So as many others i am going to try and make it as well. I was wondering how you got the 2 different colours fondant background (green and blue) so nicely next to eachother as a base on the cake? Or is 1 on top of the other? I am pretty new in this whole fondant world, but i am loving it so far.

    • says

      Hi! They are actually 2 separate pieces of fondant. I rolled them and then cut them straight using a ruler. Then you just put them on the cake and smooth the joint with a fondant smoother. It sounds harder than it is. Also, if there are small imperfections, you can always cover them with the rest of the decorations! 😉 Have fun and let me know how it goes!


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