Today’s recipe is an Indian dessert.  A few months ago I shared with you the recipe for Shrikhand, a smooth and airy yogurt mousse made with hung curd, sugar, saffron, cardamom and nuts.  Today, I am going to show you how to make what is basically a mango flavoured Shrikhand, called Aamrakhand.  The recipe is very simple: you whip the hung curd with sugar, mango puree and cardamom until smooth, creamy and fluffy.  And believe me, it tastes delicious!  It is the perfect summer dessert as it is refreshing, light and not very high in calories.  As it is getting warmer up in the Northern hemisphere… here goes the perfect recipe to make for your next pool party!  As for us down-under, let’s make it and dream about warmer weather and exotic holidays!  Enjoy!


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Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 6 to 8
  • 1.5 kg – 6 cups + 2 tbsp yogurt (better if home-made)
  • 800 ml – 3⅓ cups mango pulp, fresh or tinned (this quantity is a guide only. You need to use the same amount of mango pulp and hung yogurt, so you will need to measure the hung yogurt before mixing it with the mango pulp to get the precise proportions).
  • 4 tbsp caster sugar (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder
  • 1.5 tbsp pistachios, slivered (or crushed)
  • 1.5 tbsp almonds, slivered (or crushed)
  1. You will need a very thick yogurt to make Aamrakhand and to obtain this you need to make “hung curd”.
  2. Line a colander with a cheese cloth, put it on top of a big bowl and pour the yogurt in the cloth. Bring the four corners of the cheese cloth together and twist it to squeeze out the whey over the bowl. Do that until it drips less, then tie the top of the cloth just above the yogurt with string and put it back in the strainer.
  3. Put it in the fridge to drain for at least 2 hours (but I prefer to drain it overnight as the thicker the hung curd, the creamier the final Aamrakhand).
  4. The next day, purée the mango till smooth and strain it.
  5. Put the hung curd, sugar, puréed mango, and cardamom powder in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk until fluffy and smooth.
  6. Divide into serving cups and decorate with the nuts.
  7. Refrigerate it for a couple of hours before serving it cold.



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    This is beautiful, Manu! Just one question… is it possible to replace the mango pulp with, say, berry purée? This is such a perfect summer treat and so pretty!


  1. […] We get a lot of emails from Indian couples who live abroad and fancy a total desi shaadi. If you want something that says India and yet is delicate enough to appeal to an international palate, give Mango a chance. There’s a ton of mango based dessert recipes that you can find- every thing from lassis to barfis, but we truly believe that if there was one dessert the mighty Mango for meant for its Srikhand…or in its pretty avatar called Aamrakhand on Manuela Zangara’s blog. […]

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