Gelatina di caffe - Coffee Jello

I have been blogging for almost 3 years now and when I look back at all the the things I learnt, I almost can’t believe it.  I am talking about cooking techniques and also about computer skills and photography!  But what I am the most grateful for are the friendships I made along the way.  Some were occasional, others seemed to be strong, but weren’t, while others are for life.  I suppose, it is all like in the real world.  Among the friends for life is Liz from Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things.  For the few of you who may not know her yet, Liz is a very talented food writer and a terrific photographer who blogs out of Canberra, right here in Australia!

Gelatina di caffe - Coffee Jello

Liz calls herself “an old school writer” as she used to write about food on real magazines, before starting to blog.  She is of Hungarian heritage and I can relate very well to the way she was raised, with food and cooking playing a very important role.  She is also very kind and someone I would love to meet in person one day!

Coffee beans 1 (1 of 1) c

I admire her work A LOT, so when she asked me if I could write a guest post for her, I didn’t even have to think about it.  Off course I could!  I thought I already had a good recipe for her, but then changed my mind as I wanted something 100% Italian, something that represented me.  So I made a batch of this Coffee Jello for Liz.  This is a very simple dessert that one of my aunts would make often during the warm Sicilian summers.  It is quite refreshing and I love to eat it with some sweetened whipped cream to round out and cut through the slight bitterness of the coffee.  DELICIOUS!

Gelatina di caffe - Coffee Jello

Please, jump over to Lizzy’s website for the recipe and make sure you say hi to her from me! <3
Thanks Lizzy for having me over! <3

On a completely different note… have you entered yet to win a copy of my eBook Manu’s Christmas Menus??  Click here for your chance to win!

Gelatina di caffe - Coffee Jello

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  1. Dearest Manuela, thank you firstly for the guest post… I am honoured to showcase your talents at my place. And thanks also for the very kind words. I would love to meet you in person one day. Happy cooking in the meantime and congratulations on your ebook!

  2. Catherine@farmhousehome says:

    Hello Manuela, I really enjoyed your guest post on Lizzy’s blog. I look forward to trying this recipe and checking out your Christmas ebook further.

  3. azita says:

    Wow, Manu, I’m speechless by this post. Love the way you wrote about our dear Liz and I’m just amazed by the idea of a coffee jello. That’s fantastic! And love the way you styled it, so beautiful! Surprised that it’s a summer dessert, it feels like a winter one to me. Had planned to read your guest post on Liz’s site anyhow, but now can not wait to go check out the recipe.

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