Verrine Fraicheur

Verrine Fraicheur

Today’s dish is a very quick recipe.  Going through my Visual Archive, I have realised that I do not have many breakfast recipes on the blog.  I guess the main reason is because Italians are not big on breakfast.  In fact, we mostly have coffee (or cappuccino) and a croissant or cookies.  I personally just have a cup of tea… I am not used to eating early in the morning, and I seldom do.  Holidays are an exception to the rule for me.  Whenever we travel, I like to treat myself to a nice breakfast.  I particularly liked the breakfast food we used to eat in Tahiti and I have already recreated a couple of dishes from that delicious spread: Pineapple and Passion fruit Jam and Firi Firi.  There was another cute little dish that I always had as part of my daily breakfast in Bora Bora: it was called verrine fraîcheur, a little refreshing shooter.  The concept is very simple: some local jam and Greek yogurt, served cold.  It tastes just like dessert, but it is breakfast… and it is very light.  I recreated it and added some fresh passion fruit pulp and cornflakes for a little crunch and while eating, for a moment, I thought I was back in Bora Bora.  It is a very easy, healthy and delicious breakfast idea!  Enjoy!

Verrine Fraicheur

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Verrine Fraicheur
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: French, Tahitian
Serves: makes 1 shooter
  1. Take a shooter glass and layer it with 1 tablespoon of jam at the bottom, then add the yogurt, then add the passion fruit pulp.
  2. Top with cornflakes and serve immediately.
You can use any jam/fruit combination you like.

Verrine Fraicheur

Verrine Fraicheur

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